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Red Cards for Clearwater Chargers
Player Coach Games Suspended Games Served Description
Alex Lewis 1 1 4/22/17-11B, Dissent

Yellow Cards for Clearwater Chargers
Player Description
Fabio Cara 12/18/16-11B,Unsportsman Conduct
Lukas Rodriguez 12/18/16-12B,Unsportsman Conduct
Jerry Ariza 12/17/16-11B,Persistent Infringement
Carter Weatherilt 12/17/16-12B,Persistent Infringement
Caleb Nunemaker 1/8/16-13B,Delay Restart
Nathan Scheibelhut 1/8/16-13B,Unsportsman Conduct
Schafer Eckardt 1/21/17-14B,Unsportsman Conduct
Caleb Nunemaker 1/28/17-13B,Unsportsman Conduct,2nd
Samantha Van Nortwick 1/28/17-14G,Unsportsman Conduct
Scott Richarz 1/29/17-14B,Delay of Game