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Welcome to the CDL web page for the Winter Season 


1. 2015-16 Season begins November 7th.

2. The Schedule for Jr. Season & Academy will be posted by the 1st the week of October.

3. Rosters are due by Sept. 30th or sooner: fax to 727-467-9502 or email to . The league has given to each club DOC the roster form. Each Club/team is responsible to forward a Jr. Team Roster (U-11 thru U-14 ages only) to the league administrator. Youh Academy teams do not need to submit a roster to the league.

4. Youth Academy Teams:

    A. U-11 & U-12 Teams in CDL will play 9 v 9 format approved by FYSA.

    B. U-10 & U-9 teams in CDL will play 7 v 7 fomat approved by FYSA.



I. Jr. Season Section 2014-15 Season Results:

Congratulations to Fla. Rush for Winning the Overall Championship  

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their age group Championships:

U-11 Boys (A): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and TBU N

U-11 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer

U-12 Boys (A): Lakeland FC

U-12 Boys (B): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and TBU N

U-13 Boys (A): Fla. Rush

U-13 Boys (B): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and Clearwater Chargers

U-14 Boys (A): West Fla. Flames, West

U-14 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer

U-11 Girls (A): Fla. Rush

U-11 Girls (B): Fla. Rush

U-12 Girls (A): Strictly Soccer

U-12 Girls (B): Strictly Soccer

U-13 Girls (A): Lakeland FC

U-13 Girls (B): West Fla. Flames, East

U-14 Girls (A): Clearwater Chargers

U-14 Girls (B): Tampa Chargers

A. Club to Club Standings for the Jr. Season:
As of 5/4/2015 CDL Jr.  Season  Club to  Club  Standings  
Club Name Points Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
1. Fla. Rush 269 85 26 14 397 152
2. Lakeland FC 204 60 59 24 232 200
3. TBU North 203 61 37 20 272 183
4. Clearwater Chargers 188 56 34 20 220 193
5. W. Fla. Flames,East 170 52 40 14 239 175
6. TBU South 151 44 55 19 189 216
7. Strictly Soccer 146 44 18 14 218 97
8. Tampa Chargers 142 42 24 16 184 144
9. W. Fla. Flames,West 128 37 44 17 162 175
10. FC Sarasota 97 31 51 4 164 225
11. FKK MAI 81 23 40 12 128 181
B. How to RESCHEDULE a game:
       1. You must 1st bring it to your Club DOC for approval;
       2. If he approves it, then he will take it to the CDL Administrator for Approval;
       3. If it is approved for reschedule by the CDL, then both teams must decide on a
            date & time for the reschedule before it is officially rescheduled.
       4. If there is no date & time for the proposed game to be rescheduled to,  then
            the game will remain on the schedule and must be played.
       5. If no new/date is submitted for a game change, then is play or forfeit.
  C. Re-Entry Sub Card- copy found below, print as needed
  D. Referee Fees:
Ages U-13 thru U-14: a total of $88 per game, each team pays $44 in cash at game side(44-22-22).

Ages U-11 thru U-12: a total of $66 per game, each team pays $33 in cash at game side(36-15-15).

II. Youth Academy Section (8's,9's,10's)2014-15 Season:
   A. Re-arranging Games- All game changes must take place between teams the
        week games are to be played between clubs; Youth Academy Directors or
        coaches need to communicate with each other on changes.
   B. Master Detailed Schedule - Click Here for Full Schedule in Excel Format
   C. Rules for Youth Academy- Click here for Rules Document
   D. Phone List for Coaches - Click here for Phone List Document
   E. Referee Fees: Total for Referee is $20-- each team pays $10 cash at game time.
   F. All games will be 6v6, not 7v7 as previously announced due to FYSA restraints.

       CDL          Copy, paste, print as needed

Player Re-Entry

  2nd Half Only


Player # _____


    A Central Florida Soccer League formed and operated by the Directors of Coaching from each club that is in the league.

The Club Directors League is fully sanctioned and affiliatedwith FYSA, USYSA, and US Soccer Federation. We abideby all FYSA rules and regulations including poaching rulesand red card violations. All teams participating in theCDL meet qualification rules for State Cup with FYSA.

 League Mission Statement:

“To provide local league competition with the member clubs  that provides an atmosphere for each club to best develop it’s teams and players so that each team has the best possible opportunity to compete on a premiere basis. The league is   simply a scheduling body for those games.”

For the complete rules and regulations click here.