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Welcome to the CDL web page for the Winter Season 

General Announcements as of 11/21/16:  

1. Reshedule of Jr. Season Games:

    1. To Reschedule a game that is already in the system showing "Reschedule" - Both teams must agree to a new date & time and notify the league. This should be done thru each clubs DOC.

    2. To Reschedule a game that is set to be played on the Schedule-

       A. You must obtain permissioin from the league to reschedule a game & this is done by notifying your DOC of your request who is in turn will contact the league for permissino to move a game. There must be a valid reason to move a game. 

       B. Once the league notifies the Club DOC a game is approved to be moved, then a new date/time must be agreed upon by both clubs or the game cannot be moved or put on reschedule.

       C. As a general rule, all the vetting has been done in pre-season for reschedules & the schedule that is on the web page is very difficult to change in season. So moving games at this stage of the season is very difficult and may not be approved.


2. Jr. Season Schedule is the final word on Games- please check your schedule regularly to make sure if there are changes made you are aware of the changes.


I. Jr. Season 2016-17:

1. Club Standings:

As of 11/21/2016  Jr. Season Club to Club Standings   
       Club Name    Points     Wins    Losses      Ties     Goals       For     Goals  Against 
1.TBU North    45    14     3     3    63    22
1.W. Fla. Flames,East    45    13         8     6    76    55
2.Lakeland FC    42    13    24     3    47    94
2.TBU South    42    13         8     3    52    31
3.Strictly Soccer    39    12         8     3    65    43
4.FC Sarasota    37    11     2         4    52    31
4.Fla. Celtic    37    12         8     1    55    32
5.Tampa Chargers    30     9    11     3    63    50
6.Fla. Rush    29     9     6     2    34    29
7.W. Fla.Flames,West    26        8     6     2    36    39
8. Clearwater Chargers    25     7     5     4    34    30
9.West Pasco    19     5    12     4    27    64
10.FI. Krush/Kraze    15     4     3     3    20     9


2. Ref Fees: U-13 thru U-14 Age Groups $50 from each team at game side

U-11 thru U-12 Age Groups $36 from each team at game side

3. Red Cards: Players or Coaches who recieve a suspension must sit the next regularly scheduled FYSA sanctioned game. The penalty for participation in a game when you are suspended is a (1) year suspension. Coaches are held responsible for sitting players on a suspension even if it is not posted on the web site. You can always contact the league if you have questions on Red Cards.

4. No Intentional Heading this season for U-11 or U-12 age groups.


II. Youth Academy Season2016-17:

1. Youth Academy Master Schedule- Click Here for Schedule

2. Youth Academy Rules Sheet- Click Here for Rules <<< Rules

3. Youth Academy Coach Phone List- Click Here for Phone List

4. Ref Fees: $10 per team per game at game side

5. What to bring to a Game to Check in a Team at game side:

A. Player Passes & Ref Fees

B. No Rosters are required, check in with Passes only.

6. Youth Academy results are not recorded and standings are not kept. Academy format is used for the teams so players can be moved around on game day as determined by coaches.

7. Special Rules for Youth Academy to promote Player Development;

    A. Built Out line used to protect Goalie; no Goalie punting.

    B. Off Sides now in effect using the Built Out line.

    C. No Intentional Heading allowed as a Mandate from FYSA.

    D. Concussion Protocol in effect- if a player comes out of game due to head injury he cannot go back in without a proper Dr. clearance.

    E. Possesion Style Soccer is encouraged building out of the back.


     Final Standings for Jr. Season Club to Club Championship 2015-16.

Jr. Season Club to Club Standings
Club Name Points Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
1. Clearwater Chargers 283 88 30 19 347 151
2. Fla. Rush 262 84 30 10 336 144
3. W. Fla. Flames,East 249 76 46 21 347 231
4. TBU North 177 53 38 18 272 146
5. Lakeland FC 168 48 48 21 232 299
6. TBU South 150 47 22 9 196 81
7. W. Fla. Flames,West 142 41 47 19 187 207
8. Strictly Soccer 139 43 21 10 177 110
9. Fl. Krush/Kraze 121 36 22 13 161 120
10. Tampa Chargers 108 30 42 18 142 214
11. West Pasco 88 24 84 16 156 413
12. FC Sarasota 78 23 36 9 121 219

Congratulations to the Clearwater Chargers for Winning the Overall Jr. Season Championhip for 2015-16.

Age Group Championships for 2015-16:

11B(A) - TBU North                                    11G(A)- Braden River

11B(B)- Strictly Soccer                               11G(B)- TBU South

12B(A)- Clearwater Chargers(Y)             12G(A)- Tampa Chargers

12B(B)- TBU North                                      12G(B)- Fla. Rush

13B(A)- Fla. Rush                                         13G(A)- Clearwater Chargers

13B(B)- FC Sarasota                                    13G(B)- Fla. Rush

13B(C)- TBU North   

14B(A)- Clearwater Chargers Select        14G(A)- WFF, East

14B(B)- Fla. Rush                                         14G(B)- Fla. Hawks


B.  It is the responsibility of every team coach/manager to double check the CDL Schedule against your schedule to make sure everyone is on the same page.

   It is always possible a game could be changed on the web site and your team not be notified due to break downs in communications.

3. New Formats for some Age Groups:

    A. U-11 & U-12 Teams in CDL will play 9 v 9 format approved by FYSA.

    B. U-10 & U-9 teams in CDL will play 7 v 7 fomat approved by FYSA.

    C. U-8B will be in U-9B Dev. Div.  and play 6v6 with goalie.




I. Jr. Season Section 2014-15 Season Results:

Congratulations to Fla. Rush for Winning the Overall Championship  

Congratulations to the following teams for winning their age group Championships:

U-11 Boys (A): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and TBU N

U-11 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer

U-12 Boys (A): Lakeland FC

U-12 Boys (B): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and TBU N

U-13 Boys (A): Fla. Rush

U-13 Boys (B): Co-Champions, Fla. Rush and Clearwater Chargers

U-14 Boys (A): West Fla. Flames, West

U-14 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer

U-11 Girls (A): Fla. Rush

U-11 Girls (B): Fla. Rush

U-12 Girls (A): Strictly Soccer

U-12 Girls (B): Strictly Soccer

U-13 Girls (A): Lakeland FC

U-13 Girls (B): West Fla. Flames, East

U-14 Girls (A): Clearwater Chargers

U-14 Girls (B): Tampa Chargers

A. Club to Club Standings for the Jr. Season:
As of 5/4/2015 CDL Jr.  Season  Club to  Club  Standings  
Club Name Points Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
1. Fla. Rush 269 85

    A Central Florida Soccer League formed and operated by the Directors of Coaching from each club that is in the league.

The Club Directors League is fully sanctioned and affiliatedwith FYSA, USYSA, and US Soccer Federation. We abideby all FYSA rules and regulations including poaching rulesand red card violations. All teams participating in theCDL meet qualification rules for State Cup with FYSA.

 League Mission Statement:

“To provide local league competition with the member clubs  that provides an atmosphere for each club to best develop it’s teams and players so that each team has the best possible opportunity to compete on a premiere basis. The league is   simply a scheduling body for those games.”

For the complete rules and regulations click here.